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Validator commission rate is:
  • Health
  • UpTime %
  • Network
  • Block Height

How to Delegate


Sign in to minter-console with your username or seed phrase.


Copy our validator Public key and go to minter-console Delegation page.


Paste copied Public key into form field, setup stake amount and press "delegate" button.
In 10 min you can check your account stat page.

Join this validator. Delegate your stake

Validator Public key:


Data Centres
We use resources from the leaders of cloud services Google Cloud Platform (GCP), Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Digital Ocean. Whose data centers are designed in accordance with the latest standards. This guarantees a high degree of reliability and security of the hardware infrastructure.
Data Centres
Availability and reliability
The design of our network with the distribution of nodes (full nodes and validator) across isolated geographic areas, leads to a reduction in network delays, provides 99.99% availability and increases reliability.
Availability and reliability

Security Protection

Denial of Service Protection

To protect against DDoS attacks, we make maximum use of the capabilities of cloud providers. Including intrusion detection systems, the introduction of barriers and the ability to absorb attacks through the mechanisms of scaling and load balancing.

Also, protection from DDoS is included in the design of the network architecture. We follow the recommendations for Sentry Node Architecture. This provides a hiding of the real location of the Signature Server (Validator) and load balancing across the Full Nodes

Denial of Service Protection

Access from the Internet to all nodes is protected by several levels of firewalls.

The validator is located in an isolated network and is completely unavailable from the Internet. The control capability exists only through an encrypted channel with access by a key.